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2 Day Trip Per Snowmobile Seats 2 people • Ages 10+
3 Day Trip Per Snowmobile Seats 2 people • Ages 10+



Overnight in West Yellowstone

Our overnight tour is a great way to experience all the majesty of Yellowstone in the winter.

Day 1: You will meet us at the Trail Shop Inn at 7:00 am and get your gear to keep you warm on your journey before heading up to the snowmobiles, located at Pahaska Tepee just outside the East Entrance. Once on the snowmobiles and checking in at the East Entrance, we begin our ascent through spectacular Sylvan Pass, and then down to Yellowstone Lake to experience thermal features and wildlife. After a stop at the Warming Hut at Fishing Bridge, we will head for the Hayden Valley where vistas and wildlife viewing opportunities await. We then head for the amazing Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and the Upper and Lower Falls. Definitely a highlight of the day.

After warming at Canyon, and eating some lunch, we continue to the Gibbon River and then down the Madison river to West Yellowstone. Along here, you will experience amazing hot springs, fumaroles, and of course large bison herds to enjoy and photograph along the way. Accommodations are at the Stagecoach Inn, a historic Hotel centrally located in West Yellowstone.

Day 2: We leave West Yellowstone and head back into the Park and up the Madison to Firehole Canyon. There is more wildlife and waterfalls to see before heading to the Lower Geyser Basin, to enjoy all of the different thermal features in this area. The next stop is Old Faithful, a true wonder of Nature. You will enjoy the geyser eruption, have lunch and warm up before riding over the Continental divide and back to Lake Yellowstone. The ride from here back to the East Entrance is quiet, peaceful, and uncrowded.

This two day journey has certainly delighted so many over the years, and promises many amazing memories for those in the future.


Overnight in Gardner, MT and one night in West Yellowstone

Our ultimate Yellowstone experience, this tour offers the enthusiast the most time to take in the winter experience.

Day 1: We meet at 7 am at the Trail Shop Inn to get our gear before the drive to the snowmobiles. After checking in through the East Entrance, we climb to scenic Sylvan Pass and then on to Yellowstone Lake, and the thermal features and wildlife that await. We rest at Fishing Bridge Warming Hut before touring into the Hayden Valley, with the possibility of viewing many species of wildlife. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is next with views of the Upper and Lower Falls, both spectacular in Winter. We then head first west, then North to Mammoth Hot Springs to overnight in Gardiner, Montana. (Later in winter we can offer two nights in West, with a day trip to Mammoth.)

Day 2: We leave Gardiner and Mammoth, taking in views, wildlife, and geological and cultural stops. Norris Geyser Basin is another fan favorite on our way to the Madison River, where large bison herds are often seen. We overnight in West Yellowstone at the historic Stagecoach Inn, centrally located in town.

Day 3: We head back up the Madison to Firehole Canyon and then to the Lower Geyser Basin and Fountain Paint Pots. Great geyser and hot springs are viewed as well. Next stop is the natural wonder that is Old Faithful Geyser. You will view the eruption, have lunch, and warm before heading over the continental divide back to Yellowstone Lake and the quiet and peacefulness of the East Side. We will stop and take our last photographs, which many days include views of the Tetons. This trip offers extra time to see many of the less seen features and spend more time taking it all in. A great chance to make many memories in three days!!


Snowmobile Gear RackSnowmobile luggage capacity is limited. There is no compartment, only a rack to bungee gear to. Please use this image as a reference for how much you will be able to carry on the vehicle.


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